Methods for Cell and Particle Tracking

E. Meijering, O. Dzyubachyk, I. Smal

Imaging and Spectroscopic Analysis of Living Cells
Book edited by P. M. Conn
Volume 504 of Methods in Enzymology
Elsevier, February 2012, Ch. 9, pp. 183-200


Achieving complete understanding of any living thing inevitably requires thorough analysis of both its anatomic and its dynamic properties. Live cell imaging experiments carried out to this end often produce massive amounts of time-lapse image data containing far more information than can be digested by a human observer. Computerized image analysis offers the potential to take full advantage of available data in an efficient and reproducible manner. A recurring task in many experiments is the tracking of large numbers of cells or particles and the analysis of their (morpho)dynamic behavior. In the past decade, many methods have been developed for this purpose, and software tools based on these are increasingly becoming available. Here we survey the latest developments in this area and discuss the various computational approaches, software tools, and quantitative measures for tracking and motion analysis of cells and particles in time-lapse microscopy images.


ISBN 978-0-12-391857-4

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